SRC Presentation at High Park Day School: Sharing our knowledge & engaging youth

Sharing our knowledge and engaging youth

As part of our efforts to raise awareness on the national issue of rail safety, we accepted two exciting invitations this year to speak to elementary school children about our work and experience as ordinary Canadians holding the government accountable with respect to public safety.

What a privilege to engage with such enthusiastic youth about all the channels we have to dialogue with our politicians, other community groups, and concerned citizens.  What a gift to be able to pass along much of what we have learned over the last three years, and to learn in exchange what our youth are truly passionate about.

As another school year draws to a close later this month, please let us know if you have a junior class in the fall that might be interested in exploring how the federal government works with its constituents, especially as the 2019 federal election draws near.  These youth might not be able to vote, but they certainly have a voice that can impact even the outcome of an election.