Marilaine Savard, activist and spokesperson from Lac Mégantic

Marilaine Savard video



Transportation safety board reports/news releases

TSB Final Report on Lac Megantic

TSB Recommendations Jan. 23 2014

TSB Rail Sector- 2014-2015 Annual Report to Parliament

Derailment and fire of second Canadian National crude oil train near Gogama, ON

TSB- Determination of petroleum crude oil properties for safe transportation

TSB Transportation Safety Summit 2016 – Proceedings | i TSB Transportation Safety Summit 2016

TSB Report on the CP derailment of January 13, 2015, on the Nipigon Subdivision

TSB Ongoing Rail Investigations

Railway Crossing Safety- TSB Watchlist

TSB Watchlist 2016- Transportation of flammable liquids by rail

TSB calls for strategies to reduce severity of dangerous goods derailments following investigation into February 2015 accident near Gogama, Ontario

16 February 2017 - Rail news release - Transportation Safety Board of Canada

TSB calls for strategies to reduce severity of dangerous goods derailments following investigation into February...

TSB Rail Recommendations

Transport Canada

Transport Canada Crude Oil Sampling and Analysis

Transports Canada Échantillonnage et analyse du pétrole brut Rapport final

 Grade Crossings Regulations: what you need to know

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (Bruce Campbell Reports)

Where Does the Buck Stop?

Willful Blindness

Loose Ends and Unanswered Questions

behind the Numbers (Bruce Campbell)

Bruce Campbell Transport Canada’s accelerated oil tank car phase-out: less than meets the eye

Department of Transportation (PHMSA)- U.S

PHMSA Draft Regulatory Impact Analysis

PHMSA Comments on Tank Car Standards


government of canada

government of canada


Railway Safety Act

Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act


Railway Safety Act

Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act


Transport Canada Railway Rules


House of Commons Standing Committee on Transport Infrastructure and communities (TRANS)

TRAN Report March 2015

TRAN NDP Supplementary Report March 2015

TRAN Update on Rail Safety June 2016

TRAN NDP Supplementary Update on Rail Safety June 2016

standing Senate committee on transport and communications (TRCm)

safe Rail communities appearances and submissions in TRAN & TRCM Committees

Appearance before Senate May 2016 (video)

Appearance before Senate on Bill C-52 June 2015 (SRC begins on pg. 21 of transcript)

Appearance before TRAN on Bill C-52 April 2015

Submission to TRAN April 2016

Ndp Rail Safety report from quebec (2013-2014)

Summary of the NDP's 2013-2014 Quebec Tour on Rail Safety



Safe rail communities Cta Submission

SRC CTA Panel Submission

Safe Rail communities environmental petition (auditor General)

SRC Environmental Petition

ecojustice submission to the ceaa (on behalf of Safe rail Communities and Greenpeace canada)-Hardisty rail terminal project

Hardisty Submission to CEAA- Part 1

Hardisty Submission to CEAA- Part 2

Ecojustice Letter (in partnership with Safe Rail Communities and Greenpeace) To Minister of Environment and Climate Change Re: Risk assessments

Letter to Minister McKenna

Response from Minister Mckenna


Canadian Research & Development Center of Sciences and Cultures (Hannes Pichler Josef Lutz)

Why Crude Oil Vapour Pressure Should Be Tested Prior to Rail Transport (study)

Fred Millar (Hazmat Transportation Expert)

Testimony of Rail Expert Fred Millar

Draft Environmental Impact Report- Valero

Testimony- Brockway Delta 5 Trial

Dr. Phyllis Fox (Air quality analysis)

Dr. Phyllis Fox comment on Valero DEIR

Carmen Huber & Claus Rinner, Ryerson University (Exploratory Study)

Oil Train Derailment in the City? Estimating Toronto’s Real-Estate Value at Risk

Gogama- Public Consultation Impact Report (Clear logic consulting professionals)

Impact of the CN Derailment on the Community of Gogama Public Consultation

University of Ottawa Conference (Videos & Summary): Dec. 2016

University of Ottawa Conference: " Have the Lessons of the Lac-Mégantic Rail Disaster Been Learned?"
l’Université d’Ottawa Conférence: "Quelles leçons avons-nous tirées de la catastrophe ferroviaire survenue à Lac-Mégantic? "



safe rail communities/ecojustice Stabilization briefing note

Stabilization Briefing Notes for Minister Garneau

Hans Modlich Missing Link Brief

Missing Link Brief- Hans Modlich

city of toronto (Missing link Report)

The "Missing Link" Freight Rail Alternative and Davenport Diamond Grade Separation Update


Crude oil & our waterways

The Royal Society of Canada- The Behaviour and Environmental Impacts of Crude Oil Released into Aqueous Environments

Greater Sudbury Watershed Alliance- Railroad Safety and Environmental Risk Reduction Strategy

Deadly Crossing Report- Waterkeeper Alliance, Riverkeeper & Forest Ethics (STAND)

Deadly Crossing Video

The Hudson: A River at Risk

safe rail communities Access to Information

Safe Rail Communities Access To Information (ATIP) Requests

SRC ATIP Request

SRC Letter of ComplaintRe: Transport Canada's Response to Risk Assessment atip

letter of complaint to Information Commissioner

Transport Canada Responses to SRC Atip Requests

Response from Transport Canada (risk assessments)



CBC investigative report on secretive rail safety documents (Video)

Video: CBC Investigative Report on Secretive Rail Safety Documents


rail safety 101

Template letter for residents to send to their mp

Template Letter: General Rail Safety Letter to MPs

Transport Canada- Transportation of Dangerous goods newsletters

TDG Newsletters

Transport Canada documents

Safety Advisory for Classification of Petroleum Crude Oil

volatility & stabilization

Stabilization Fact Sheet


5 Ways to Make Oil Trains Less Risky

safe rail communities Town hall (June 12, 2015)

SRC Town Hall Short Version (Panel and MPs)

SRC Town Hall Full Version

SRC Electronic Brochure (Please Share)

SRC Brochure (English)

Français de Brochure de SRC

canadian association of petroleum producers

 CAPP Crude Oil Forecast Markets & Transportation

Oil train 2015: Community Risks & solutions

Heinz Endowments: Oil Train Repsonse 2015 Conference

railway Crossing Safety

Operation Lifesaver- A Partnership in Public-Rail Safety

Operation Lifesaver Brochure

Operation Lifesaver- Public Rail Safety Guide

Operation Lifesaver- Tips for Parents and Caregivers

Operation Lifesafer- Student Safety Guide

Operation Lifesaver- Tips for Cyclists

Operation Lifesaver- Tips for Passengers and Commuters

Operation Lifesaver Posters

Blast zone maps

North America: Blast Zone Map

GTA: Interactive Blast Zone Map

Canada Wide Blast Zone Map

Report of Dangerous Goods shipped (as required under Protective Directive #36

 City of Toronto Direct Portal to Reports on Dangerous Goods Shipped by Rail

 CN Report on Dangerous Goods Shipped through Toronto (2015)-as required under Protective Directive # 36

CP Report on Dangerous Goods Shipped through Toronto (2015)- as required under Protective Directive #36

CN Rail: Public Report on Dangerous Goods Transported in Toronto 2016

CP Rail: Public Report on Dangerous Goods Transported in Toronto 2016

Emergency Response Guidebook 2016

Emergency Response Guidebook 2016