How to start a community-wide effort

Engage residents, business/community groups and government representatives.  We've got all the tools you need to get started.

1. Engage residents:

• Speak to neighbours, family, and friends. • Host coffee parties or gatherings in your home. • Canvass door-to-door  to raise awareness and collect petition signatures.(all the materials you need are on our website) • Participate in community events such as farmers’ markets, neighbourhood festivals, and any other community events.

2. Engage business and community groups

• Reach out to BIAs and residents associations (email, phone, or in-person). • Ask to speak or present at community meetings. • Ask businesses to support your group/efforts by:

i. displaying a poster in the window

ii.having a petition on site

iii. allowing you to take part in events hosted by BIA

iv. posting information about your effort in the BIA’s newsletter

• Ask community groups (residents groups, etc.) to post information about your efforts in their newsletter. • Ask local papers to post information about your effort.

3. Engage government representatives

• Send a letter/email or make a phone call to your municipal or federal representative. • Ask how they can support you on this issue. • Ask if they can broker a meeting or town hall with rail companies, experts and government officials. •