Safe Rail Communities’ Recommendations

It's becoming increasingly concerning that our federal government continues to tinker with a system that needs an overhaul

After years of research, Safe Rail Communities have identified the following reasonable recommendations to make the transportation of dangerous goods by rail safer:

·     Stabilization of volatile crude oil at point of departure

·     Enhanced government oversight and regulation:

o   Establishment of a robust regulatory framework

o   Monitoring and enforcement of train speeds

o   Monitoring and enforcement of diesel fuel pollution impacts

·     Increased accountability and transparency:

o   Requirement of railways to hold unlimited liability and sufficient insurance to cover the full cost of a derailment in a densely populated area

o   Real-time data for First Responders

o   Publication of railway risk assessments, already provided to Transport Canada

·     Implementation of mandatory rail safety technology (Positive Train Control, Automated Track Inspection, Automated Rail Car Monitoring, Electronically Controlled Pneumatic Brakes)

·     Effective Tank Car Improvements

·     Independent Risk Analysis, with public reporting

·     A public inquiry into the Lac-Mégantic rail disaster