Marilaine Savard, activist and spokesperson from Lac Mégantic

Marilaine Savard video

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SRCPodcast/CharlesHatt (Ecojustice lawyer) Why risk assessment are vital to public safety

Rail Safety videos in the media

 Montana Death Trains (Gene Bernofsky: World Wide Film Expedition, 2016)

Seatle Death Trains (World Wide Film Expedition 2016)

 ‘A Danger on Rails’ (video) April 15, 2015

Risks on the Rails- The Hidden Risks of Shipping Oil by Rail (video) December 31, 2014

Voices Against Oil Train video    (video) February, 2014

Crude by Rail - Albany NY's Oil by Train Risk (video) January 2014

The Hudson: A River at Risk (Video)- Oceans 8 Films

Toronto Star video

Rail concerns for Junction residents

safe rail communities Town hall (June 12, 2015)

SRC Town Hall Short Version (Panel and MPs)

SRC Town Hall Full Version

Safe Rail Communities & Dupont/Christie rail safety group Community workshop: rail safety & emergency preparedness

Community Workshop: Rail Safety and Emergency Preparedness (Part 2)

Community Workshop: Rail Safety and Emergency Preparedness (Part 1)

Oil train 2015: Community Risks & solutions

Heinz Endowments: Oil Train Repsonse 2015 Conference

University of Ottawa Conference (Videos & Summary): Dec. 2016

University of Ottawa Conference: " Have the Lessons of the Lac-Mégantic Rail Disaster Been Learned?"
l’Université d’Ottawa Conférence: "Quelles leçons avons-nous tirées de la catastrophe ferroviaire survenue à Lac-Mégantic? "


SRC CAnada Wide campaign

Safe Rail Communities Canada Wide Campaign

Water in the Blast Zone

Water in the Blast Zone - Claire Ruebeck (video)

Water in the Blast Zone- Frank Hornstein (video)

#StopOilTrains Week of Action

#StopOilTrains Week of Action Highlights 2016