What are the Dangerous Goods Shipped by Rail Through Communities Across Canada?


What’s being shipped through your community?

One of the most frequent requests for information we receive is “what are the dangerous goods being shipped through my community”?

Under Protective Directive No. 36, the railways are required to share historical aggregate data of dangerous goods shipped with Designated Emergency Planning Official in Canadian jurisdictions.

This information can in turn be made public by each municipality. To access local data, contact your local municipality. You can access provincial data in the links below:

CN Dangerous Goods by Province

CP Dangerous Goods by Province

CN 2017.png
CP Dangerous Goods Canada Wide

CP Dangerous Goods Canada Wide

Sharing this information with the public is an important first step in providing transparency which enables residents to make informed decisions and hold government to account.

That said, while historical data is sufficient for the public, it does not address the need for first responders to access this information in real-time.

Current regulations do not require railways or shippers to provide this data. Information with respect to which dangerous goods are on a shipment at any given time can only be accessed by first responders through an APP or a 24 hour hotline. Safe Rail Communities advocates for regulations to be implement which require real-time data to be shared with first responders. This would allow emergency response providers to act quickly in the event of a derailment involving dangerous goods.

The federal government has a responsibility to set the standards for industry to follow and to protect the public’s safety. If you are interested in learning more about rail safety, please visit our website at www.saferail.ca. You may also contact your MP to voice your concern.

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