Call to Action: Electronic Petitions (House of Commons)

Wow, 2 electronic petitions in one week!
It's great to see Canadians taking action by petitioning our federal government to address rail safety concerns.

Please consider signing these two important petitions:

1.     Petition for a Public Inquiry Commission on the Lac-Mégantic Railway Tragedy initiated by Robert Bellefleur from Lac-Mégantic

An independent public inquiry is vital in order to identify all the causes of this terrible tragedy. It will bring justice to the families and loved ones of those who lost their lives. A comprehensive inquiry will also help us understand how our government can address rail safety in order to bring about meaningful change. Tinkering with a system which needs an overhaul is not enough. Our government needs to do everything possible to protect Canadians who live, work and play in rail communities across the country. This includes a comprehensive inquiry.

2. Petition on addressing environmental impacts and providing vital real time data to first responders, initiated by Brian Dias

Thank you!

The Safe Rail Communities Team