SRC Newsletter August 2016


Hope you’re enjoying the summer weather! Since our last newsletter, there has been some developments on the rail safety front. We’d like to take this opportunity to provide you with an update.

Lac-Mégantic Anniversary

July 6 marked the 3rd anniversary of the Lac-Mégantic tragedy. Its residents held a gathering to remember those who lost their lives, and to remind us all that so much more needs to be done.

Bruce Campbell, former director of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, had the opportunity to speak in that gathering for Lac-Mégantic.

Transport Canada Developments

On July 25 Minister Garneau announced an accelerated phase out of the DOT 111 tank cars carrying crude oil. 

While this certainly is a move in the right direction, these tank cars will still be allowed to carry other flammable and dangerous goods until 2025. Furthermore, there is no mention of addressing the explosive nature of volatile crude oil, ethanol and other flammable substances.

Transport Canada published its Transportation of Dangerous Goods Newsletter (July 2016).  The focus of this edition is to provide an overview of the dangers of volatile crude oil; including a summary of Transport Canada’s final report on the analysis of crude oil. Take a look!

More News Articles of Interest...
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74 runaway CN Rail cars rolled 5 km out of GTA yard, TSB says (CBC)
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GTA Interactive Blast Zone Map - Zoom in, and scroll through it here!

Ever wonder how many schools or hospitals fall within the Blast Zone? SRC has partnered with  FracTracker Alliance to map these numbers in communities across Canada.

The first interactive map is ready (for the Greater Toronto Area), and more will be completed in the next couple of months.

Let's Blow the Whistle!

On July 28th Ecojustice, on behalf of Greenpeace and Safe Rail Communities, launched a campaign calling on the Minister of Environment and Climate Change to designate all oil-by-rail facilities for an environmental assessment.

You can help us urge the Minister of Environment and Climate Change to take action by signing onto this letter.  

Thank you!

Oh! And, please stay tuned for more details of our upcoming 2nd annual Comedy Fundraiser!!!

Keep it safe,

Helen, Patricia, and the
Safe Rail Communities' Team