SRC Online Federal petition is ready!!

Safe Rail Communties’ online e-petition for rail safety is ready.

Every day, the movement of dangerous goods by rail through our communities puts thousands of Canadians at risk.  In 2014, there were about 140,000 tank cars carrying crude oil across Canada. This is 280 times the number of tanks that travelled in 2009. The projected number for 2016 is 510,000 tank cars.  Safe Rail Communities (SRC) is a non-partisan initiative that advocates for safe, transparent, and regulated rail.  It is our Federal Government’s responsibility to regulate the transportation of dangerous goods by rail. They must set the standards for industry to follow in order to mitigate the risks to rail communities across Canada. Over the past couple of years SRC has worked with experts to develop the list of recommendations in our petition.

With the federal government’s recent implementation of online e-petitions, we have created an online rail safety e-petition. Many of you have already signed our paper petition, and for that we thank you. Signing our paper petition doesn’t preclude you from signing this new online petition.  It is a completely new petition.  In order for an e-petition to be presented in the House of Commons, it must receive 500 signatories within 120 days of being posted on the government website.  Given this deadline, we would very much appreciated your support in promoting our e-petition by sharing it with you family, friends and any other contacts you think may be interested.

Please click here to read and/or sign our petition. Pour le francais, cliquez ici

Thank you!