Community Meeting on Rail Safety

As we approach the anniversary of the tragedy of Lac-Megantic on July 6th, Safe Rail Communities continues to work on organizing a community meeting to raise awareness about the transport by rail of crude oil and other hazardous materials.  So far, invitations extended to CP Rail and Transport Canada have received negative replies.  Last week, SRC personally invited Minister Lisa Raitt in a letter submitted with an invitation from our MP, Peggy Nash, but we have received no reply.  However, Peggy is determined to help us make this meeting happen.  Her team has connections to other rail safety experts who can help inform us and our neighbours in the riding of Parkdale – High Park.

SRC has decided to invite the Transportation Safety Board to share information with us at this meeting, though they likely will not attend without participation from Transport Canada.  However, communicating with the TSB is one way to raise awareness on this issue from a local perspective.  We also wanted to respond to the TSB on the matter of their assessment of Transport Canada’s recent promises to improve rail safety.  SRC supports TSB’s three recommendations of January 23, 2014.  We do not want another tragedy.